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FIND THE RIGHT PACKAGE FOR YOU quote Offers Travel, Tours, and More! Offers Travel, Tours, and More!

Luxury motor coaches offer a convenient, comfortable way to get large groups of people from one place to another efficiently and affordably. specializes in providing our clients with the modern, luxurious buses for group outings, day trips, charter excursions, and other types of travel. But we also offer our clients something else: Logistical solutions to actual business problems. Charter Bus in Florida -- Solving Problems Here is an example of the types of business pro...

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Safety Comes First When Transporting Schoolchildren

While is one of the leading tour bus operators in the state of Florida, we also provide school transportation for students throughout the state. In many ways, transporting schoolchildren is similar to bringing tourists to some of the state's most well-known attractions. Our drivers' top priority is the safety and security of their passengers, regardless of their age. Charter Bus in Florida -- School Days All of our drivers are trained and certified in safe school bus drivi...

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The Simple, Safe Way to Get Around

Each year, more and more people flock to Florida, and not just to visit, either. Florida's population is increasing all the time. The state has always been a haven for retirees. But now it's attracting more young people who are coming to Florida for new jobs, better opportunities, and, of course, the great year-round warm weather. But all of these people are putting more strain on the state's infrastructure. You may have noticed it yourself: There are more cars, more traffic, and just more...

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