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Elements of a Perfect Land Excursion

IMG 8094Half the fun of going on a cruise is making ports of call and taking land excursions. These typically are day-long visits to exotic locales where passengers can deboard, spend time enjoying the local markets or attractions, then reboard the ship to carry on their cruise.

Not all land excursions are created equal. Some are shouldn’t be missed. Some are just pretty good. And others can be skipped altogether. Let’s take a look at what goes into the perfect cruise line land excursion.

Fun and Excitement

If you are going to get off the cruise ship, you need to have a good reason. The destination of the perfect land excursion should have something interesting and exciting to offer. It could be a colorful marketplace that features local flavor, fun entertainment, or interesting history and culture.

Learning something new is another hallmark of the perfect land excursion. While cruises are all about the food, drink, and companionship, if you can learn something historical or cultural about the place you are visiting, it’s a happy bonus.

Problem-Free Land Transportation

Another critically important part of land excursions is fast, efficient, and worry-free transportation. Most cruises don’t typically make a port of call directly in the middle of a major marketplace or even a city. Instead, cruise ship docks tend to be some distance from where the action is.

So getting there requires safe, reliable transportation such as the kind provided by We have been serving cruise lines in South Florida with the type of fast and friendly transportation for their passengers for many years. In fact, it’s how we originally started our luxury tour bus service.

On your next cruise, if you are going to get off the ship to try a new and exciting adventure on land make sure you have safe, reliable, and efficient transportation such as that provided by


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