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Arrive in Style with Luxury Coaches from

In Miami and other South Florida cities, status is everything. What you wear matters. How you look matters. And especially what you drive matters.

So if your tour group pulls up at its destination in a broken down old school bus or one that looks like the old “Partridge Family” bus, people are going to notice … and not in a good way. — Only the Best

To make the best impression, you need to arrive in both style and comfort. That’s why your tour group needs the elegantly appointed, state of the art luxury coaches offered by

Our buses feature the latest in both safety and comfort, ensuring that everybody in your tour will enjoy only the highest esteem when you arrive at your destination. When you step off one of our modern, cutting edge tour buses, people will be impressed. — You Deserve to Be Noticed has the best buses. But we also have the best people.

Everybody from our customer service agents to our drivers to our route planners are experienced at what they do and take pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations every time.

You and the other members of your group will be impressed with both our professionalism and our friendly and helpful approach to working with our customers. — Valuing Our Customers

At, we want to be your only tour bus company. That’s why we work so hard to impress you with every trip you book with us.

From luxury buses that guarantee you will arrive in luxury and style to highly-skilled and experienced employees whose main concern is for your comfort and safety, our goal is the same: To make sure you choose for all of your Florida group outings in the future.


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