Frequently Asked

Dogs, cats and other live animals are not permitted on FloridaTours.com vehicles unless they are a service animal used for the purpose of accompanying a disabled person. Service animals are permitted to travel with the disabled person at no additional charge. Service animals must be under the control of its owner at all times and must ride in the passenger’s space. Please present the service animal’s license or certification to the driver prior to boarding.

Each person is allowed up to two pieces of personal luggage, with each piece weighing a maximum of 50 pounds. Firearms, weapons of any kind, ammunition, explosive substances or any goods of a dangerous nature are strictly prohibited. FloridaTours.com assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage and contents.

If assistance is required for boarding please notify FloridaTours.com 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.  FloridaTours.com.com will make every reasonable effort to accommodate passengers as long as assistance does not delay scheduled departure time. Assistance will be provided as long as it does not compromise the safety of any involved.

Once signed, the deposit is refundable if a trip is cancelled 30 days prior to departure.  Cancellations within 30 days of departure are not entitled to a refund.

For the comfort of other customers please keep ringers and tones set to low or vibrate.  Please do not use the speaker function on devices.

For the comfort of other customers please keep ringers and tones set to low or vibrate.  Please do not use the speaker function on devices.

When accompanied by an adult, children under 3 years of age not occupying a seat may ride free.  Children under 3 years of age occupying a seat to the exclusion of other passengers pay the regular adult fare.

For charters, a fee of up to $250 may be assessed for each vehicle if vehicles are not clean and free of litter at the end of service.

FloridaTours.com will not replace or grant refunds for tickets/passes that have been lost, stolen or are illegible.

For the comfort of all customers, proper attire is required.  Shirts and shoes are required at all times.  Bathing attire must be covered.

• O.T Regulations F.S. 395.10 restrictions restricts the bus drivers operation time:

• 10-hour rule, the bus driver cannot drive for more than 10 hours following 8 consecutive hours off duty (except in state emergencies).

• 12-hour rule, after 12 hours on duty (driving and non-driving task) an operator cannot continue driving until 10 consecutive hours of off duty time is taken.

• For any additional time you will require an additional driver or rest of no less than 5 hours off duty time.

• Floridatours.com will not be held responsible for any inconvenience or expense caused by late arrival, departure or change of schedule by client.

• Floridatours.com is responsible for loss or inconvenience due to theft, traffic, or weather.

Vehicles are equipped with DVD and CD players and have a working PA system. FloridaTours.com reserves the right to upgrade the vehicle or sub-charter service to another bus to a comparable vehicle.

For the comfort of all passengers, non-alcoholic drinks are permitted as long as they are in closed containers. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Dry snacks are permitted. Fresh fruit, pastry & bread items as well as other food including take-out is not permitted. Please discard containers and waste in trash receptacles provided at the front of the vehicle.

Gratuities are included in charted trips.  For non-chartered trips: gratuities are appreciated and are at the sole discretion of the customer.

Thoroughly check your seat and overhead compartments on the coach before you depart. All inquiries for lost, unchecked articles such as umbrellas, hats, etc. transported in the custody of customers should be made within 48 hours to info@floridatours.com.

FloridaTours.com reserves the right to refuse to transport any person or persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who is incapable of taking care of himself or herself, or whose conduct is such or is likely to be such as to make him or her objectionable to other customers. Exception: Provisions of this item do not apply to persons who are ill and accompanied by a caregiver.

Charter clients are responsible for single room lodging for bus driver(s) during the duration of the trip.  FloridaTours.com must receive a full itinerary 14 days prior to event in writing to the plan trip accordingly.

Portable oxygen and respirators may accompany customers when required. A maximum of four canisters may travel with the customer. Two canisters are permitted in the passenger compartment of the bus and two will be stored in the baggage compartment. The maximum dimension for canisters is 4.5 inches in diameter and 26 inches in length. Stored oxygen canisters must be enclosed in cases and have safety caps on tanks.

FloridaTours.com requires full payment 14 business days prior to departing charter trips. Clients must have a valid credit card authorization form on file to finalize reservations. Payment is accepted via company check, cashier’s check, money orders and cash.

Flash photography is prohibited while the vehicle is operating.

Headphones are required when listening to music. The volume must be low enough so that it is not heard by other customers.
Passengers are not permitted to smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars or pipes at any time while on board the motorcoach.
Passenger mobility aid(s) may travel inside the vehicle if they are able to be safely stowed in the overhead compartments. Items that cannot be safely stowed in the vehicle will be stowed in the baggage compartment if possible. FloridaTours.com.com assumes no liability for damage to these devices.

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