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When We Call Our Buses Luxury Coaches, We Mean It!

When We Call Our Buses Luxury Coaches, We Mean It!When you charter a bus with for your next group outing, you can be certain of one thing: Your group will arrive at its destination in unparalleled luxury, comfort, and style.

The tour buses used by are classified as luxury coaches, which is a very apt description. Not only do our coaches feature comfortable seats and plenty of leg room, but they also have all the latest amenities that our clients expect.

Your Passport to Adventure

At, we believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. That’s why we provide our clients with the most comfortable and luxurious buses in the industry.

Our buses feature all the best comforts and amenities, including new TV monitors where passengers can watch their favorite TV shows and movies as they travel to and from their destination.

Prefer to stream your entertainment to your own personal mobile device? No problem! Our luxury coaches also come equipped with WiFi so you can stream, download, and even surf the Internet as you roll down the highway.

Comfort and Safety

Unlike many of our competitors, at our tour bus drivers don’t have to pull over every time they see a rest stop so that passengers can use the bathroom. That’s because they already come equipped with clean, comfortable bathrooms for passengers to use anytime they want during their journey.

Our top-quality luxury tour buses also feature the latest and most advanced safety features so you can be assured of a safe and problem-free trip regardless of your final destination. Our buses are also sparkling clean, new, and have low mileage so you never have to worry about breakdowns of mechanical issues.

If you want to arrive in comfort, style, and luxury, then you need to book your next group outing with We’re South Florida’s leader in luxury charters.


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