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Charter Bus Travel Better for Mid-Distance Trips

IMG 8171If your group is traveling across town, chartering a luxury tour bus makes the most sense. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s comfortable.

But what about traveling across the state? Or across the country? Should you take a tour bus or should you fly?

When does it make sense to charter a tour bus as opposed to paying for private or commercial air transportation? The answer depends on two important factors: Budget and Distance.

How Far Are You Going?

The distance consideration actually has more to do with time than mileage. At, our luxury tour buses feature the latest comfort features, including ergonomically correct seating, onboard entertainment, and a climate-controlled atmosphere. So your group can actually travel hundreds of miles in complete comfort and security.

But long distances require a lot of time. Even with the speed limit on most interstates raised to 70 mph, it will still take more than seven hours to travel a distance of 500 miles, which is about how far Miami is from Tallahassee. But a commercial airliner can make that same trip in about 90 minutes.

What’s Your Budget?

The other major consideration is your budget. While commercial airline travel is fast and convenient, it also is costly. And private aviation is even more expensive. If you have an unlimited budget, that’s fine. But if like most groups or organizations you have a budget that needs to be met, luxury tour bus travel often is a better option.

Traveling by a luxury charter bus is significantly cheaper than air travel. And even though the trip may take a little longer, the comfort and luxury of our state-of-the-art tour buses will make the miles go by quickly and easily.

Our luxury charter buses are the perfect option for trips of practically any length. Even overnight trips can be made more convenient, practical, and affordable when you charter luxury tour transportation from


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