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Cruise Lines Can’t Afford to Disappoint Passengers

The cruise line industry is one of the most highly competitive of all businesses.

In the past, there were only a few major carriers. So some passengers may have been more willing to put up with some inconveniences and unanticipated delays.

Not anymore. Today there are more cruise lines competing for the same pool of passengers. Repeat customers are key. But the only way to grow the business quarter after quarter is to continually attract new clients.

Another contemporary problem is bad publicity. The minute cruise lines make the slightest mistake you can be sure that 1,000 people will be posting about it on social media. New organizations are constantly looking online for the latest video of cruise line horror stories. And that’s bad for business.

Judging Cruise Lines 

The time that most people start judging their cruise line experience isn’t when they step onboard the ship. It starts when they step off the plane and board the bus that takes them to the port.

Many cruise lines don’t operate their own fleet of tour buses to transport passengers to and from the airport. Nor do they run bus tours when they make a port of call. Instead, cruise lines rely on local tour bus providers to get their passengers where they need to be. In effect, they temporarily hand over control of their reputation to a third party.

Reputation at Risk

So if something goes wrong when passengers are in the care of a contracted tour bus provider it’s the cruise line that takes the hit. Passengers typically don’t know and don’t care if they are being transported on land by a third party. They’re on vacation! They just want and expect everything to go seamlessly the entire time.

So it’s critical for cruise line operators to find reliable, dependable tour bus operators who are experienced at keeping passengers happy. That’s why is one of the fastest growing tour bus providers for cruise lines in South Florida.

At, we know that the cruise lines reputation is on the line during every trip. That’s why we ensure not only passenger safety but also unbridled satisfaction for every passenger, every trip.


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