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Fall Is Field Trip Season!

Bus in FloridaTeachers, school administrators, and students alike all look forward to the fall because it’s the traditional time for class field trips.

Once or twice per year, kids and teachers both get out of the routine and go somewhere fun and exciting for an educational change of pace.

It’s generally best not to get too creative when planning field trips. Class outings tend to be traditional for a reason: They work for the proper age group. Younger children enjoy visiting places like petting zoos or working farms while slightly older kids benefit from places like the zoo, the aquarium, or the natural history museum.

Traditional Field Trip Places

By late elementary school, traditional field trip sites include health centers where they can learn things like the facts of life, how to avoid the perils of drugs or alcohol, and other more grown-up subject matter that wouldn’t be appropriate for younger children.

Then there’s the class trip for graduating eighth-graders. Before heading off to high school, there’s often one last group outing to someplace that is perhaps a little further and a lot more educational. This can include places like the local state capital or even our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. for students on the East Coast or in the Midwest.

Early Planning

The best advice for planning field trips is to start early. The sooner you can book a charter bus and make arrangements with the destination, the smoother your field trip will go. Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea because it increases the chances of something going awry and disappointing a bunch of kids, not to mention their parents.

For autumn field trips, a good rule of thumb is to start the planning process at least six to eight weeks prior to the scheduled field trip date.


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