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From Start to Finish, You Will Be Treated Right

Charter Bus Rental MiamAt some time or another, just about everybody has experienced poor customer service. It may have been the rude cashier at the grocery store checkout. Or maybe it was the snooty waiter or bartender who didn’t have time for you.

Unfortunately, in today’s slam-bang economy it can seem as if customer service is taking a backseat to speed, efficiency, and productivity. Things we used to take for granted — saying “please” and “thank you”, appreciating your business, and personalized attention, to name a few — are becoming the exception rather than the norm.

Except for one place, that is. At Florida Tours, we still pride ourselves on treating all of our passengers as if they were our most important customers. We have made it our business to be friendly, helpful, and courteous to all of our customers every day, every trip.

Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale — The Friendliest Ride in Town

Today, you are more likely to receive indifferent or even poor customer service rather than being treated like a human being. In an age when most people are staring at smartphones rather than looking you in the eye, it’s hard to get the attention you deserve.

But not at Florida Tours. From the moment you step onto one of our luxurious tour buses to the moment we drop you off at the end of your trip, you can expect to be treated with respect. Our highly skilled, professional drivers take pride in offering the kind of friendly and helpful customer service that sets us apart from our competitors.

Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale — Expect Something Better

If you are tired of being treated like you don’t exist, try something different. For your next outing or whenever you need the services of a charter bus company, let the friendly folks at Florida Tours give you the respect and care you deserve.


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