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Getting Around Florida Isn’t as Easy as It Used to Be

Take a look around and you will see that people are flocking to Florida. And it’s not just the snowbirds and retirees anymore.

Sure, Florida offers year-round warm weather, sandy beaches, and a wide variety of tourist attractions. But these days it also offers one of the most robust economies in the nation, a growing business base, and state government that gets things done for Florida residents.

The Downside of Success

Thanks to the state’s track record of success, Florida also has a growing permanent population, an expanding business base, and booming construction. And all that adds up to more people on the roads.

While Florida’s major expressways aren’t yet as jam-packed as those in Los Angeles, New York, or even Atlanta, they are definitely getting busier. Trips across town that used to take a few minutes can now take a half hour or longer when traffic is at its peak. There are even traffic jams in places like Orlando and Tampa now!

Simplifying Travel

One thing that other densely populated states have that Florida still lacks is transportation options like light rail, extensive interurban train systems, and other forms of mass transit. Most people here still drive their own cars, which is why highways are getting more crowded and travel times are going up.

But there is a solution to getting around more efficiently. Charter buses for businesses, sports teams, schools, cruise lines, and other entities can minimize travel headaches while maximizing travel efficiency.

When you leave the driving to the professionals at, it doesn’t matter how much traffic there is because riders can make use of their travel time working, being entertained, or simply enjoying a stress-free commute.

Florida will keep is getting bigger and busier. Fortunately, is going to be there to help ease the congestion.

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