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Getting To and From the Cruise Ship

“Time and tide wait for no man.” Neither do cruise ships.

Cruise schedules are essentially set in stone. So if passengers arrive late for their scheduled cruise or for a port of call visit, they are likely to see their cruise ship leaving without them. Usually, it’s then up to the stranded passengers to find their way to either the next port or to their home.

It’s absolutely essential that cruise lines, guided tour companies, and tour groups get passengers to their cruise ships prior to the scheduled departure time. If they fail, they may be held accountable for the consequences.

Trusted, Reliable Transportation

One of the most common causes of cruise customers arriving too late to board their ship is bus breakdowns. Tour buses that are old, worn out, or pushed beyond their limits are more likely to stop working. And if they are filled with passengers who absolutely have to make it to the port by a certain time or risk being stranded, the results can be disastrous.

At, we use only the newest, most reliable luxury tour buses when transporting cruise passengers and other clients. Our team of professional bus mechanics maintain our charter buses to the highest standards so that they can be trusted to always arrive on time.

Don’t Take Chances

Another common cause of delays are poky passengers. It’s completely understandable for tourists to want to spend time at exotic ports of call and to see everything there is to see at a particular destination. After all, they’re on vacation.

The friendly and helpful drivers at are accustomed to making sure passengers get back on the bus with plenty of time to make it back to port. While we want to ensure everybody gets the most out of their on-shore experience, we also understand how important it is not to miss the boat.

Whether you run a cruise line, a tour group, or a sightseeing business, you can rely on to always get your passengers where they need to be on time.


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