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Protecting Children Our Top Priority

At, we know that your children mean more to you than anything in the world. All of our passengers are important, but when we transport kids we take special care to make sure they are safe from the beginning to the end of the journey.

Keeping kids safe is important to us because we are parents, too. We love our children as much as you love yours. So we take special care and precautions to guarantee the safety of our child passengers on every trip we take.

Extra Precautions

Getting your group where it going quickly, efficiently, and safely is important. But the most important of these is safety. Getting someplace early or even on time doesn’t mean anything if the journey isn’t careful — especially when children are on board.

Our drivers are experienced in keeping passengers safe. Not only do they follow traffic laws, but they take special precautions to make sure there is never an accident. And we provide for every convenience and comfort along the way.

At, our drivers aren’t racing against the clock. We don’t pressure them to complete as many journeys as possible during their workday. Instead, we encourage our drivers to take their time, get it right, and make passenger safety their highest priority at all times.

Safety First

Plus, we hire only the most experienced drivers with the best safety records. Then we provide additional training on passenger safety while creating a company culture in which safety and security are the highest priority.

Safety comes first, last, and everywhere in the middle at

When it comes to your children, we don’t take any chances. Our kids are our most precious cargo and our drivers treat them that way because we know you wouldn’t want it any other way. And neither would we.


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