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School Field Trips Require Careful Planning

School field trips create lifelong memories for children and parents alike. They offer new experiences outside the traditional classroom setting.

But the best field trips are also completely predictable and problem-free. Students, teachers, and chaperones arrive at their location and depart according to a predetermined schedule without any issues.

To achieve this type of safe, secure, and completely scripted field trip experience, planning needs to begin months, or even years, ahead of time. — Where to Go

As children progress through their grammar school education, field trips tend to follow a predictable pattern. The very youngest children usually visit a farm, petting zoo, or another attraction where they can interact with baby animals. Slightly older kids usually visit the local zoo, museum, or planetarium. And right before they graduate, students may visit the state’s capital or even Washington, D.C., to learn about citizenship and government.

Most school field trips follow this schedule for a reason. They are effective at inspiring children’s minds with precisely the right concepts at exactly the right times for their intellectual, social, and emotional development — The Field Trip Experts

While choosing the places to visit according to a predetermined schedule is important, so is selecting the transportation company to get you there safely.

What you want is a company that is reliable, responsible, and has an outstanding track record of safety and security. In South Florida, that company is, the field trip experts.

We’ve been transporting students to field trips for many years. And while we may go to the same places time and time again, we also bring the same concern for safety to every journey we make. That’s because at we understand that with every field trip we transport, we are carrying precious cargo.

For your next field trip, trust the local transportation experts. You can rely on

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