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See Alligators Up Close with Everglades Airboat Tours

Did you know that the American alligator is the largest reptile in North America … by far?

Officially known by its Latin name, Alligator mississippiensi, the alligator can be identified by its large, dark, and usually black, slightly rounded body as well as by its thick arms and legs.

Everglades Airboat Tours — Alligator vs Crocodile

Alligators are much more common in the US than crocodiles, especially in mid to South Florida.

You can tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile by the head. A gator’s head is broad while the croc’s is narrow. The gator also uses its large, powerful tail to propel itself through the water. In fact, the tail accounts for about half the alligator’s length.

The funny thing about alligators is that they can move through the water at lightning speed, but on dry land, they are generally very slow moving. But you want to be careful around them on land because they can move quickly for short distances, such as when they strike.

Everglades Airboat Tours — An Alligator’s Diet

What do alligator’s eat? Just about anything, including humans if given half a chance.

Alligators mainly eat fish, turtles, various mammals, birds, as well as other reptiles such as snakes and lizards.

In the state of Florida, there are an estimated 1.25 alligators. They live in freshwater environments, including ponds, marshes, wetlands, rivers, and swamps. There are more alligators in the Florida Everglades than anywhere else in the world.

Everglades Airboat Tours — Up Close and Personal

The best way to see alligators up close in their natural habitat is on an Everglades Airboat Tours. While some nature tours are a crapshoot as to whether or not you will actually see live animals, you will absolutely see alligators when you take a boat tour of the Everglades.

In fact, you will likely see hundreds, if not thousands, of these majestic reptiles.


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