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Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale Can Be Fun for Everybody

For more than 50 years, for several weeks from late February to early April each year, tens of thousands of college students descend on Fort Lauderdale for the annual carnival of drinking, flirting, and carousing known as Spring Break.

Local residents know to stay away from the city’s crowded beaches during this period. Parking is next to impossible. The prime beach spaces are packed. And you are more likely to be hit by a flying frisbee or trampled by a tipsy undergraduate than you are to enjoy the sun and surf in peace.

Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale — Spring Break Edition

Yet the annual Spring Break pilgrimage from northern colleges and universities is also a blessing for Fort Lauderdale residents. It’s a boon to the local economy. It helps build the city’s reputation as a top destination resort. And it certainly provides for some lively free entertainment for those brave enough to make their way tot he main drag of nightclubs, bars, and outdoor dance parties.

But there’s another benefit as well. Each year during Spring Break, while everybody other than college students avoids Fort Lauderdale as if it were the modern day version of Sodom andGomoraa, the city’s other less booze-fueled, more family-centric attractions are usually uncrowded.

Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale — No Waiting

Any other time of the year, tourists flock to places like historic Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, and Stranahan House, or taking in the art exhibits along Las Olas Boulevard. Or they are enjoying the great shopping the city has to offer.

But during Spring Break, these normally busy attractions remain open yet attract fewer visitors, making it the perfect time to schedule your family or group outing with

Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale — The Price Is Right

Now you can enjoy the best Fort Lauderdale during the year’s most comfortable weather without having to worry about fighting crowds, waiting in long lines, or even paying full prices. Some of the city’s most popular attractions often try to attract visitors during this down time by lowering prices or offering special discounts.

Fort Lauderdale has a lot to offer during Spring Break … even if you aren’t coming here to party.


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