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The Importance of Bathrooms on Long Trips

The average person uses the bathroom six to seven times per day. Assuming that the person is awake 16 out of 24 hours, that’s a little more than once every two hours.

Most luxury tour buses have a capacity of about 40 people, not including the driver. If your trip lasts longer than two hours and the bus has to stop to let each of those people use the bathroom at least once, you may never get where you are going!

Charter Bus Rental in Miami — Onboard Bathrooms

Most luxury tour buses available from solve this dilemma by offering guest onboard bathrooms. Now the driver never needs to stop the bus when guests need to use the facility. That means your group can enjoy comfort and convenience while arriving at your destination on schedule.

People on buses tend to need to use the bathroom more frequently. There’s something about being inside a confined space combined with the rumble of the bus that simply makes nature’s call all that much more urgent. Fortunately, our onboard bathrooms are available every moment of your journey.

Charter Bus Rental in Miami — Comfort and Convenience

Our bathrooms are also cleaned and sanitized prior to every trip. When most people think of bus bathrooms, they are often willing to wait until they arrive than use the onboard facilities.

But strives to be a different kind of charter bus company. We provide our guests with facilities that are not just clean, but sparkling and inviting. They are properly cleaned, well-stocked with supplies and we even provide facilities for washing and disinfecting hands.

Being onboard a luxury tour bus should be comfortable. With, we provide our guests with the finest bathroom facilities so that they can enjoy the comfort and convenience of home while still arriving at their destination both refreshed and on time.

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