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When Planning a Field Trip, Choose Luxury and Safety

Florida BusField trips can be magical for young people. Students, teachers, and chaperones alike look forward with hopeful anticipation to one of the most exciting, entertaining, and fun days of the whole school year, the day when the ordinary routine is temporarily put on hold and everything and anything is possible.

But a bad bus ride can ruin even the best field trip. If the bus breaks down, if the driver gets lost, or if the charter bus is run down and awful, it can put a black cloud over the whole day. That’s why one of the most important steps in planning a successful field trip is choosing the right bus charter company.

Bus Charter in Miami — The Difference

At, we still remember how important Field Trip Days are. They can create lifetime memories of fun and excitement with friends and classmates, or they can be one of the most disappointing days of the whole school year.

That’s specializes in providing luxurious, state-of-the-art charter buses of every size for school field trips throughout South Florida and beyond. Plus, we pride ourselves in having the friendliest, most helpful drivers anywhere.

It’s our job to ensure that every single one of your guests has a fun, exciting, and memorable field trip. We promise to provide you with top-quality, luxurious transportation that is safe, reliable, and problem-free.

Bus Charter in Miami — Exceeding Expectations

We know that your guests have been looking forward to Field Trip Day for weeks, if not months. So when their luxury charter bus from pulls up to the curb, we want them to be thoroughly impressed with your choice of transportation.

When you choose for your school field trip, the journey is just as exciting as the destination. Your guests can enjoy the all the perks of traveling first-class in one of our new, modern luxury charters, including an array of onboard entertainment choices, comfortable roomy seating, and courteous, helpful drivers.

Give your students a Field Trip Day they will always remember. Make your first choice for your next field trip outing.


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