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Who Rents Charter Buses?

The charter bus business is bigger and more successful than ever. Every year, groups, organizations, and businesses charter luxury motorcoaches to safely and efficiently transport large groups and small to their destinations.

But who exactly is chartering all these buses, anyway? And why?

There are all different types of groups chartering buses. Some are as small as a dozen or fewer people while others have hundreds or even thousands of people that need to be moved from one place to another.

Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale — School Bus Charters

When most people think of charter buses, they think of field trips for schools and universities. And these make up a large percentage of the charter bus rentals we handle at

Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale  

Students, teachers, chaperones, and others travel comfortably and safely in our charter buses to museums, cultural centers, special events, and more. While elementary and high school students ride charter buses for field trips, an increasing number of college students are also chartering buses, including fraternities and sororities for formals, college club events, and regional sports tournaments.

Bus Charter in Fort Lauderdale — Groups of Every Size and Type

But schools and students aren’t the only people chartering our buses. Today, many couples charter buses to transport their wedding parties and their guests from the church to the reception hall so they can celebrate their special day in both comfort and safety.

Businesses charter buses for conferences and company events so that all participants can arrive at the same time. Many also take advantage of our WiFi services so they can keep working even while traveling.

Churches, sports, teams, and entertainment companies are also among our clients, chartering our buses and mini-buses for retreats, service projects, fellowship activities, tournaments, music festivals, and much, much more.

So who is chartering buses these days? Practically everybody!


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