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Educational Field Trips for Elementary School Students
Field trips offer a chance for students and teachers alike to get out of the classroom and experience some real-world learning. Students of every grade typically participate in at least one field trip per year. The location of field trips will depend on a number of different factors, including everything from the age of the students to the budget for the trip. Very young children might visit places like a local petting zoo, a fire station, or a farm. Students in the middle grades might benefit from a visit to a planetarium or museum, an aquarium or oceanarium, or a local TV or radio station. Graduating students frequently schedule an overnight trip to Washington, D.C., or a visit to the local state capital. Creating a Field Trip Schedule A sample field trip schedule might be: Kindergarten – Kid-Friendly Farm 1st Grade — Petting Zoo or Children’s Zoo 2nd Grade — Field Days at a Local Park 3rd Grade — Fire House or Police Station 4th Grade —  Recycling Center 5th Grade — Science Center or Children’s Museum 6th Grade — Natural History Museum or Art Museum 7th Grade — Planetarium or Aquarium 8th Grade — Class Trip to State Capital or Washington, D.C. Once many school administrators determine where each class is going, typically they will keep the same schedule every year. That way, as children matriculate through the school each student gets to have the same experiences. This eliminates jealousy or accusations that one class is being shown favoritism. School Transportation for Field Trips Historically, field trips feature rides on bumpy, rundown school buses. But just because this is the way field trips have always been done doesn’t mean your school has to follow this unfortunate tradition. Chartering a luxury tour bus from will make your field trip more comfortable and safer without breaking your budget. Most teachers know that students are more attentive and engaged when they are rested and comfortable. So hiring for your next field trip offers value while making your trip more valuable to students.

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