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Land-based Logistics Critical For Cruise Lines

Running a commercial cruise line is complicated. Every time a cruise ships sails from a port, there are literally tens of thousands of details to worry about.

The captain needs to ensure the ship stays on schedule. Crew members need to keep passengers safe, happy and entertained. Then there are mechanics, weather, and navigational concerns to worry about.

So when the ship finally makes a port of call, the cruise operators can finally relax, right? Wrong!

Tight Schedules

For paying customers, cruise lines are a time to relax, kick back, and take it easy. But behind the scenes, both onboard crew members and land-based cruise line employees are under intense pressure to keep people safe and on schedule. Every minute counts.

From the time passengers deboard to the time they arrive back at the airport, every moment of their vacation is carefully planned and orchestrated by the cruise line. But to pull this off flawlessly, cruise operators can do it all by themselves. They need help from outside contractors.

Ground Transportation

Many of South Florida’s largest cruise lines rely on to provide efficient, safe, and timely ground transportation for their passengers. We’ve earned our reputation as one of the region’s most reliable tour bus companies by meeting schedules, treating people right, and exceeding our clients’ expectations. has a lot of experience transporting passengers on land for cruise lines. So we understand the pressures that crew members are under to keep everybody on schedule. Cruise may be a carefree vacation for customers, but they are high-pressure, time-sensitive events for cruise lines.

When you have a tight schedule to keep, you can count on the shipshape ground transportation provided by, the luxury charter bus contractor of choice for South Florida’s leading cruise line operators.


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