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It’s Spring Break Season in Florida!

1-1.jpgEvery March and April in Florida is when millions of people descend on the Sunshine State to escape the cold and snow up north. This mass migration of snowbirds includes tourists, college students, and families seeking to take advantage of the traditional Spring Break season.

Florida residents know that Spring Break season is when the state’s highways and roads become crowded, bars and restaurants become packed, and every square inch of sand becomes occupied on Florida’s beaches.

Spring Break Problems

The theme parks in central Florida are always busy, but they are at their busiest during Spring Break. And other attractions such as Cape Canaveral, Miami’s South Beach, and even the Florida Keys swell up to maximum capacity during every March and April.

For Florida residents, Spring Break is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a boon to the local economy as millions of tourists spend billions of dollars here. But it’s also an inconvenience that can lead to long wait times, traffic jams, and other problems.

The best solution to Spring Break in Florida is for residents of the Sunshine State to plan their own getaways — far away from the crowds of tourists and rowdy college students.

Plan a Getaway

To get away from Spring Break headaches, plan your outing for attractions in Florida that aren’t as popular with people from out of state. Or get out of Florida altogether by planning a charter bus outing to attractions in Georgia, Alabama, Mississipi or Louisiana.

Within just a few short hours on a comfortable luxury bus, you and your group can enjoy the fun and sun of the Deep South without having to deal with the hassles of Spring Break in Florida.

This year, don’t get caught up in the Spring Break madness. Plan your own Spring Break getaway and leave the driving to


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