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Life … Postponed

There may not be baseball games being played. Schoolchildren may be studying from home rather than their classrooms. Giant cruise ships may be docked at port. But someday, eventually, life will return to normal.

It’s too early to say when that will be. Some hope that people can return to some sort of normalcy as early as Easter Sunday, which this year is April 12. Others say it could be weeks or even months longer, depending on where you live and the intensity of the virus pandemic there.

But everybody looks forward to the day when the social distancing restrictions will be lifted, people will leave their homes, children will return to school, and we all can return to the ordinary lives we lived just a few weeks ago.

Making Plans

Without a firm date of when the crisis will be over, it’s practically impossible to make definite plans for things like social outings, land excursions for cruise passengers, or school field trips. But it’s not impossible to dream about it.

In fact, thinking about what we are going to do when the crisis is over is one of the best ways to deal with the anxiety and stress of remaining at home. While we may not be able to escape the crisis we currently find ourselves in, we can release ourselves from worry — if only temporarily — by imagining normal life again: Going on field trips with our classmates, taking a charter bus to a Dolphins or Bucs game, or organizing an outing with our friends and neighbors to a concert or shopping district.

Life Itself

These are the things that define our lives. And nothing — not even a global pandemic, a national emergency, or a disruptive virus — can stop us from imagining our best selves.

And once this crisis has passed and this temporary interruption is over, you can be sure that we are going to return to it.


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