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Planning for Life After the Crisis Bus in Fort Lauderdale BeachThanks to the COVID-19 crisis, hundreds of events have been canceled in recent weeks including group outings, basketball and baseball games, shopping trips, and cruise line tours. And until the government lifts its social distancing restrictions, plans for rescheduling all of these things are on hold indefinitely.

But that doesn’t mean we should plan for the future. In fact, in this time of anxiety and uncertainty planning for future events could be all we have left to keep us focused and sane.

Summer Will Arrive

Despite the coronavirus crisis, nobody can stop the march of time. Spring already has arrived in South Florida and summer is right around the corner. The social distancing restrictions currently in place won’t last forever. They could be lifted in just a few weeks, or a month or two at the most.

Hopefully, that means life could return to something resembling normal by mid-May at the latest. So all the events planned for summer could still go on as scheduled in some form or another, including summer camps, sporting events, and group outings.

Planning Distraction

If you sit around the house worrying about coronavirus all day you will go crazy. While COVID-19 is serious and could be life-threatening for certain segments of the population, we can’t let this crisis consume every waking moment.

Planning for life after the crisis can help provide some much-needed distraction. Thinking about the things we will do with our families, our friends, classmates, teammates, and others later this spring and into the summer can help take our minds off our worries, if only for a little while.

Try distracting yourself by making plans for the future. Make a list of the important events you don’t want to miss this summer and think about how you can make these a reality. It will help you feel better in the short run and give you something to look forward to down the road.


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