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One Grump Can Spoil an Entire Outing

IMG 8187Imagine you are part of a tour group. You are riding to your fun and interesting destination in a luxury tour bus full of people you know and like. The conversation is upbeat and positive. You have been looking forward to this trip for weeks.

Finally, you arrive. As you are walking down the aisle of the bus and approaching the door, you say goodbye and thank you to the bus driver. Rather than responding, she just gives you a sullen look — as if she is unhappy to be there and would like nothing more than for you to get off her bus and leave her alone.

A Good Time Turned Bad

How would that make you feel? If you are like most people, not very good. In fact, it could take all of the positive experiences you have had up to this point in your trip and flip them over into the negative.

Rather than having the time of your life, you could suddenly start to wonder what you said wrong, why the driver doesn’t like you, and if you should have even come on this trip in the first place!

Friendly and Helpful

As one of South Florida’s fastest-growing tour operators, understands that one bad apple truly can spoil the whole bunch. That’s why we make certain that our drivers are always friendly and helpful. And not just our drivers, either. Everybody you encounter in our organization strives to ensure you have a flawless, enjoyable trip. And that includes bringing a positive attitude to every customer interaction.

That’s because we know successful outings are about much more than simply getting from one place to another. They are more than just reaching your destination safely and comfortably. For you to have a great trip, each and every element has to be positive — and that includes even incidental interactions with drivers, dispatchers, intake personnel, stewards, and everybody else within our organization.

And that’s the difference.


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