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Safety First, Last, and Always

IMG 8065At, we don’t take chances when it comes to passenger safety. Our drivers don’t speed. Our dispatchers don’t recommend dangerous shortcuts. And our mechanics don’t cut corners on repair and maintenance.

That’s because we understand that all of these things can reduce passenger safety. And your safety and security is our Number One concern at

New Safety Measures

Now there is a new threat to passenger safety. The coronavirus crisis has put everybody at risk but especially those traveling in close quarters with other people. So we have implemented new guidelines to increase passenger safety before, during, and after each and every trip we make.

Our drivers are screened before anybody else. If they are sick, have a fever, or exhibit even the slightest symptoms of illness, they are immediately sent home and replaced with a new driver — who is then screened all over again.

Before and after every trip, each of our buses is subjected to new, enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures to ensure that they are germ-free and pristine. This is so passengers never have to worry about the surfaces they touch or the air they breathe. Instead, they can enjoy the same safe, secure, and comfortable ride they always have.

More Safety Protocols

Right now, health experts and government officials are developing the new public safety measures that are designed to keep us all safe in the coming weeks and months. Whether these include requiring masks and/or gloves to be worn in public, a continuation of social distancing, or other efforts to prohibit the spread of the virus, you can be sure of one thing: will take these measures seriously and implement them on every trip we make.

That’s because your health, safety, and security have always been our highest priority. And you can continue to count on us in the future.


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