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Seniors Have High Expectations

If you have ever planned an outing for a senior’s club, an assisted living center, a country club, or any other group composed of people older than 65, you already know how demanding older people can be.

Seniors have high expectations. And justifiably so. People who have lived a long time know what to expect. Yet very often, they feel ignored or even let down by their loved ones.

So when you roll up to a senior outing in a school bus, a rebuilt city bus, or anything other typical transportation, you need to be prepared for the complaints and objections.

Exceed Expectations

If you are a party or event planner who deals with seniors regularly, there is a fast and easy way to short circuit their disappointment before it ever happens. Rather than booking an ordinary bus instead choose one of the many luxury tour buses available from

At, our tour buses offer maximum comfort while transporting your seniors in style and sophistication. Not only are our seats comfortable and roomy, but our luxury tour buses are elegantly appointed and feature only the latest entertainment technology.

Be the Hero Not the Goat

If you are tired of the constant complaining and bickering from your seniors, make the move that will exceed their expectations and leave them congratulating you for a change. Book a luxury tour bus from for your next outing and you can be the hero rather than the scapegoat.

It’s not often easy to please seniors. They’ve been around so long they know the difference between something that is just okay and something that is excellent. But if you want to make a great impression while treating your senior guests to the ride of a lifetime has the solution you’ve been looking for.

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