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Corporate Charters Becoming More Common

It used to be that charter buses mostly were used for school field trips, day outings for senior groups, and other entertainment or educational purposes. But an increasing number of businesses are now charting luxury tour buses for corporate transportation.

Luxury tour buses from are more commonly being used by businesses for group visits to job sites, airport shuttles, transportation to corporate outings, and moving employees to and from remote parking lots during building expansion projects.

In fact, as business leaders recognize the benefits of group transportation for their employees, corporate charters are one of the fastest growing business segments for many charter bus companies throughout the US.

Business to Business

The growth of corporate charters makes sense. When businesses need to move groups of people from one place to another — whether it’s a small group of clients or vendors or their entire employee roster — it’s critical that everybody arrives where they need to be at the same time. Relying on people to transport themselves to a single location by means of their own vehicle or public transportation is unreliable and not cost-effective.

Corporate charters let you bring people where they need to be in one group. Plus, you can use the transportation time efficiently, speaking directly to your captive audience for the entire length of the journey.

Corporate Charter Benefits

Corporate charters are fast-growing business segment for bus charter companies because they are cost-effective. But they also can help reinforce the business’s reputation as a leader. When employees, clients, vendors, or others step onto a luxury tour bus, they can’t help but be impressed by the luxury and sophistication the business has provided.

If your business needs to move a group of any size to a remote location and you want to do it safely, efficiently, and luxuriously, your first and only call should be to

Corporate Charters Becoming More Common


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