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Luxury Buses Offer a Winning Edge

If you are booking a charter bus for your sports team, you probably want to go with a winning bus company rather than the lowest cost carrier.

That’s because the way your team rolls up to the big game or tournament can have a direct effect on the outcome. Here are three reasons why booking a luxury charter can actually give your team an advantage during competition.

1. The Intimidation Factor

When your team arrives, you can be sure the eyes of your opponents are going to be on you. So when you roll up looking like winners or world champions, it will instantly put the other team at a psychological disadvantage.

Let’s put it this way: You don’t see the Golden State Warriors or the New England Patriots rolling up in a broken down old school bus, do you? Winners got to look like winners.

2. Player Comfort

Ask any coach, manager, or trainer and they will tell you: The time just before competition is critical for a competitive athlete. If your team members feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or unhappy during travel to the game, their play will reflect it.

Booking a luxury tour bus from ensures your players will arrive ready to play.

3. Safety Matters

Win or lose, you want your team to arrive at the game and back home again in one piece. Safety needs to be the top priority for any team transportation.

At, our experienced, qualified drivers have one of the best safety records anywhere. We can get your team to the game or tournament quickly, efficiently, and most importantly safely.

When it comes to booking your sports team’s charter transportation, go with the team transportation champions:


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