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Why Choose Luxury Coaches?

When you are arranging for a charter bus, there are a lot of choices. One option is to go with the lowest bidder, which probably will be a school bus that is being rented out for charters during its off-hours.

While this will achieve the basics — getting your group from one place to another — and perhaps save you a few dollars, going no-frills, lowest bidder is not always the best choice. And here’s why.

Comfort Matters

When you choose the least expensive option, you often sacrifice comfort for price. If you can remember back to when you were a student riding in school buses, you probably can recall rows and rows of hard, uncomfortable bench seats.

School buses also are designed for children. So when grown-ups ride in them, there usually is very little leg room — making the journey even more unpleasant. Plus, those school buses seemed crowded back then. Imagine what they are going to be like filled with grown men and women.

Then there is the psychological impact of riding in a school bus as an adult. The people being transported can see with their own eyes that you have chosen the cheapest possible option. So what does that say about how much you value them?

A Better Option

School buses are great for transporting kids to a field trip destination. But they aren’t that great for adults.

A better plan is to charter luxury tour buses from While they may cost a little more than the bare bones, basic school bus the value you get is more than worth the expense. Plus, you may be surprised by how affordable they are.

Don’t insult your group by forcing them to relive their school days in a broken down school bus. For your next outing, charter a modern tour bus from and enjoy the comfort, security, and luxury that your guests deserve.


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