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Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Time and Tide Wait for No ManCruise lines operate according to a strict schedule. When the ship is scheduled to leave port, passengers must be onboard otherwise they will be left in port — with no exceptions.

So it is critical for day tour operators to get their clients back to the dock with plenty of time to spare. The last thing cruise passengers want to see is their ship sailing off without them.

Port of Call

One of the reasons so many people prefer cruises is that they pack a lot into a little time. Rather than spending their entire week or 10-day vacation at a specific island or destination resort, cruises allow passengers to experience multiple ports of call while still enjoying all the benefits of a five-star hotel.

But there are certain tenets of cruise life that have to be respected. And one of those is that you have to be on the ship when it sails. Cruise lines don’t wait for individual passengers because it’s not fair to all the other people who also paid for the cruise experience.

So if you are a land-based tour operator, you absolutely, positively have to hire reliable transportation that understands this basic rule of cruise life and that has the vehicles, experience, and reliability to get people back to port on time. In other words, you need

Cruise Line Experts has been working with cruise lines, airport transportation, and land-based tour operators throughout South Florida for many years. So we understand how important it is to get people to ports on time for their embarkation. That’s why we can get your passengers to port on time and ready to sail.

When you need luxury charter buses that are reliable, on-time, and aware of the timetable, you need, South Florida’s fastest-growing luxury charter bus operator for cruise lines and tour operators.


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